Roger Jang and MIR Lab


This toolbox (MLT, or Machine Learning Toolbox) provides a number of essential functions for machine learning. You can download the toolbox here.


Interesting Demos

After downloading the toolbox, you may want to try some of the interesting demos: gradientDescentDemo: Interactive demo of gradient descent over the peaks function
taylorExpansionDemo: Interactive demo of polynomial fit and taylor expansios
lcs and editDistance: Visualize the result of dynamic programming for LCS (longest common subsequence) and ED (edit distance)


If you are using the toolbox for your research, please kindly give reference as follows:

Jyh-Shing Roger Jang, "Machine Learning Toolbox", available at "", accessed on [date].

Trouble shooting

If you run into the problem of "Invalid MEX-file... The specified module could not be found" under MS Windows, please install Visual C++ runtime at