MATLAB File Listing

File NameH1 HelpSize
goDebug.mwaveFile='waveFile/9665812_yifen/小星星_不詳_0.wav';  2189
goDemo.mThis is the main program to demo QBSH (query by singing/humming)  2742
goPrmTune.mThis is an example of parameter tuning for QBSH  1056
goSongPlay.mThis program demonstrates how to play songs in the database in either MIDI or PV formats.  760
goTest.mThis is the main program for testing the recognition rates of QBSH (query by singing/humming)  3083
myQbsh.mmyQbsh: Match a given pitch vector for QBSH [對一個使用者輸入的音高向量進行 QBSH]  3026
myQbshOptSet.mqbshOptSet: Set up options for QBSH  2001
qbshFileCheck.mqbshFileCheck: Check each file after QBSH  818
qbshFileList.mqbshFileList: List each file in badWave.htm after QBSH  1036
qbshPersonRr.mqbshPersonRr: List of RR of each person  1311