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Old Chinese version

This book is focused on audio signal processing and recognition. We expect to achieve the following goals:

The book is a practical guide for graduate students, researchers, as well as practitioner, with the following characteristics: The depth of this book is designed for first-year graduate students. However, it is also suitable for upper-division of undergraduates if the lecturer put more emphasis on coding and implementation. Some of the programming contests (such as endpoint detection, SU/V detection, melody recognition, speaker recognition, speech recognition) can be futher developed into a term project or Master/PhD research topic.

Speech and audio signal processing and recognition involves a fair amount of mathematics. We expect the readers to have taken the following prerequisites: Calculus, linear algebra, and probability.

This book was original written in Chinese. Therefore for some page, we have a link to the old Chinese version. However, it should be noted that the latest version is in English and there is no guarantee for the synchronization between English and Chinese versions.

If you want to cite this book, choose one of the following two formats:

Audio Signal Processing and Recognition (TBzP)