Programming Contest: Pitch Tracking

Roger Jang (張智星)

This programming exercise provides a baseline for pitch tracking on singing recordings. You are expected to understand the code and fine tune the parameters to improve the accuracy of pitch tracking.

  1. What to download

  2. How to run the example program

  3. How to get better accuracy

  4. What to upload for performance evaluation
    For past years, you need to upload the following files for evaluation: However, since the no. of files for evaluation is getting larger (due to increasing number of students taking this class), we decided to follow the convention of Kaggle. That is, all you need to upload is the PV (pitch vector) files generated by your pitch tracking program. To generate the PV files, you can simply run goPvGen.m after modifying the following two lines:
    • auDir='audioWithoutGt'; % Replace this with the recordings of this year, which contains audio files without PV files
    • outputPvDir='b00902024_pv2'; % All the generated PV files are put here, so you can compress the folder for upload. Please follow the convention of "studentID_pv2".
    After running goPvGen.m, it will generate a folder of "xxxxxxxxx_pv2" (where the leading characters are you student ID) which contains PV files (with extension "pv2") generated by your pitch tracking program. Please compress the whole directory tree and upload it for evaluation. (Note that manual change of the PV files will be considered cheating in this course. TA may ask you to submit the programs that can generate the PV files for double checking.)

  5. Suggestions