Neuro-Fuzzy and Soft Computing

by J.-S. R. Jang, C.-T. Sun, and E. Mizutani


" Neuro-Fuzzy and Soft Computing is a thoroughly up-to-date text with a wealth of information which is well-organized, clearly presented, and illustrated by many examples. It is required reading for anyone who is interested in acquiring a solid background in soft computing -- a partnership of methodologies which play pivotal roles in the conception, design, and application of intelligent systems. "
-- Lotfi A. Zadeh, Professor Emeritus of EECS Department, UC Berkeley
" An examplary fusing of the new technologies of fuzzy sets, neural networks, and genetic algorithms. Neuro-Fuzzy and Soft Computing is a Ten! "
-- Mark J. Wierman, Center for Research in Fuzzy Mathematics and Computer Science, Creighton Univeristy
" Neuro-Fuzzy and Soft Computing, as a mature and extensive coverage of neuro-fuzzy soft computing, demonstrates a paradigm shift in managing complexity, uncertainty and subjectivity. "
-- Irena Nagisetty, Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development, Ford Motor Company

Other things you might want to know about the book:

More info about the book Companion Soft Computing Toolbox (over 200 files) used in the book. (The toolbox has recently been upgraded to work with both MATLAB V4 and V5.) Slides for instructors. These are MS Powerpoint file. Errata: HTML version or PostScript file (For 1st and 2nd reprint of the book)


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