Adobe Acrobat Reader

To install Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows, download the latest version from the Adobe website. The Acrobat Reader Asian Font Packs have been included on this CD-ROM for several operation systems to assist in viewing and printing PDFs for which Chinese, Japanese, or Korean fonts have been used. Further instructions and troubleshooting can be found on Adobe's website at: www.adobe.com.

It is highly recommended that you download the latest version of the Acrobat Reader from Adobe's web site.

Searching for Keywords, Full Text Search

If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6 or later, you can perform a full-text search for terms found in ICASSP 2010 proceedings papers. To perform a full text search, open the file named 'Full_Text_Search.pdf' and follow the instructions found within that file.

If you do not have a version of Acrobat Reader including search functionality, see the help section on Adobe Acrobat Reader above to install the appropriate reader from this CD-ROM, or go to Adobe Systems' website at www.adobe.com.

NOTE: The search index was created with Adobe Acrobat 9. Unfortunately, Acrobat 5 is unable to read the Acrobat 9 search index. For best results, please use Acrobat 6 or later to search paper contents.

The search index will automatically attach itself to your PDF reader when you open Full_Text_Search.pdf in the root directory of the CD-ROM. Once this PDF document has been opened, you may search for keywords in all papers by using the Acrobat Reader search tool (not the same as the find tool) by choosing Edit, Search, then Query from the Acrobat Reader menu. The Adobe Acrobat Search dialogue box that appears will allow you to specify your search criteria.

Note that full-text searching is only available when using the PDF interface, and not from the HTML interface.

HTML Interface

An Author Index and a Session Index are included in HTML format on this CD-ROM to aid you in finding particular conference papers. Start by opening the file ICASSP2010.html which is located in the root directory of the CD-ROM. From this page, you can link to the author index, the session index, the invitation and introductory material, and this help file. Using these HTML files as a starting point, you can access other useful information relating to the conference, including a table of contents for page number references.

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